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Fancy Mu Space Pillow

Mu Space PillowOf course, the idea of combining in one device several functions is not new, but we have never heard before of possibility to combine a music player and a pillow. However, designers of Mu Space are not afraid to implement it. Their new device looks like a small bag of a modern design, equipped with speakers on the sides. It can always be carried along to any place and used as a regular boom box. However, if you want to sleep, you can unzip the bag: flipping part of the bag is placed under the neck, and the head is just placed inside the device. In this case, you can turn the speakers inside and turn on some relaxing music. To play music the creators offer via the memory cards or external USB-drives, as the device is equipped with the two ports just for that purpose.   

Mu Space Pillow

Device both for entertainment and relaxation

The idea of this device first of all came to the mind of the designers Yuan Hao Hsu and Lin Tzu Hsuan. It is difficult to say what reasons led to the creation of this gadget and whether they did some field tests and marketing research to understand the needs of the market. However, from the initial presentation of the device it was seen that people are quite positive about the new concept and are now even making some preliminary orders. Of course you can find a comfortable place and entertain yourself with the help of Urchin Bluetooth Speaker, Portable HD TV or other device... Or have a comfortable place and great music anywhere with Fancy Mu Space Pillow.

The applicability of the device is very wide, as the device is portable and combines two functions in one – pillow and music boom box, it can be used for two separate function or with two combined.

  1. You can use it to sleep while on the road and having a ride in the train or in the car get some sleep.
  2. From the other side you can always keep it in the car and take it with yourself when you go camping or for a picnic somewhere outside and you want to enjoy some music. You can also use Portable Karaoke Machine or Sony Smart WatchThis to have more fun during your rest.

Your comfort throughout the day and night

With this great device you will be able to at first get some comfortable sleep at night, and also have some music playing while sitting near the fire. Moreover, as having these two functions combined, you can make for yourself a small and relaxing sleep pause while at work or in the university or other.

Let’s now look at the device from the technical side. The device, as mentioned above has two rotating speakers and slot for memory card and USB extension. For now the device is charged using the batteries, but when connected to the iPhone it can take the charge from it. The size of the speakers is about 50 mm in the diameter, and the playable frequency range is 150 -18000 Hz. The signal to noise ratio is about 80 dB.

Superb gadget for students and music-lovers

So we can just imagine that in the future people will have these small portable pillows-musical players and while laying on the sun in the park will be dreaming and listening to their favorite music. Or it is also possible to use this great pillow-player for studying, do you know that information is perfectly analyzed by our mind when listened to it, so you can turn on the e-book for economics while having a small mid-day nap, maybe in such a way you can pass the exams more efficiently. Give great assistance to your studies can also Pen-Sized Scanner Hammacher Schlemmer or Lernstift - smart device to prevent textual errors.

The device is still a concept and therefore there is no available information about the price and about the date of the release of the device. Though, some critics has projected that the price of Mu Space pillow most probably will not exceed 70 Euros. Let’s wait a little and see.

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