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Microwave Plate Stackers, Cooking Bags, Spacers, Sterilizers - 25 Add-ons to Ease and Brighten Up Your Cooking Routine

If you decide to ask someone what they use a microwave for, they might think you are an alien. It's nearly the same as inquiring why you need a smartphone. Some devices, including a microwave, took roots in our lives so firmly that there is no sense in explaining their purpose. However, there are normally two intentions customers keep in their mind while choosing a microwave:

  • to microwave food
  • to cook food


The fast pace of today's life made people trained and inventive to save time whenever there is a chance. Did you know that people, mostly women, slave 2.5 years of their lives on cooking and heating food? Probably, scrutinizing that statistics a microwave oven was created. So now everyone has a possibility to save time by simply microwaving food for 30 or more seconds. In terms of total time, it might economize a couple of months. Add to that a set of handy microwave accessories and a heating routine is an easy task to do.

The second category of people follows microwave cooking philosophy where nearly any dish can be cooked, baked, grilled or fried faster than it is normally cooked with the help of specific cooking devices. The formula for success is to select suitable microwave accessories that will not harm a microwave. There is no shortage of them now and they allow to cook in a way you never thought was possible. From omelet and hamburger makers to potato baking bags and egg boilers.


I. Must Have Microwave Accessories

Microwave utensils come handy for multiple purposes being of different size and material. All of them help to realize the potential of your kitchen appliance be it LG or Samsung microwave. Here we assembled the best and brightest:



Cooking Dishes

When it comes to dishes, make sure to choose those that are best suited for your daily requirements.


1. Bowls Set with Lids

Alongside being handy and versatile, this is also a very colorful set to brighten up your kitchen. The bowls come in a range of sizes what make them essential for a daily use. Each bowl has a neat handle to hold it more securely when it is hot. The lids have open/close aperture so you can use these pots both for cooking and heating the foods. You can stack them inside each other and save space. Have a bright cooking!

Pros: variety of sizes, have lids, bright colors, excellent quality.

Cons: some lids might not fit, too shallow.

Price: $61.03 BUY NOW


2. Cool-Touch Microwave Dish

Even though microwave is meant to heat only the meal, we all know that the plate gets hot, too. If you want to be always sure that your hands are safe from burns, then cool-touch microwave addons are must have. There is no specific secret for that except the double wall design. A pot has a vented lid to prevent splatters. It is very handy for either cooking or re-heating the leftovers, what makes this utensil a highly functional microwave cookware.

Pros: elegant design, stay cool outside.

Cons: small size.

Price: $11.40 BUY NOW




They can be of a great assistant to anyone. Some believe these are critical microwave accessories to save time and energy in the kitchen.


1. Egg Poacher and Omelet Maker

If you are on a protein diet, this is a crucial device to have. It makes delicious poached eggs in no time and airy omelet in just 30 seconds. Put it on a toast and your perfect breakfast is ready. No more messing and splatting eggs. What is more important, no unexpected egg explosions in your microwave. Enjoy your meal!

Pros: functional items, omelet comes out great, easy to use, saves time.

Cons: low quality of plastic.

Price: $5.90 BUY NOW


2. Egg Boiler

Early attempts to boil eggs in a microwave oven ended in a huge and messy explosions. But those days filed as a history giving way to an easy-to-use no-explosion egg boiler utensil. Do you like hard, medium or soft eggs? Just set a needed time and do other things while your egg are being cooked. Let an egg boiler be your worthwhile microwave insert!

Pros: can boil 4 eggs at once, compact, easy to use, eggs are as good as boiled, eggs are easily peeled

Cons: it gets hot, flawed design.

Price: $9.77 BUY NOW


3. Rice Steamer

Cooking rice can be a bit tricky. First wash it several times, then stir while cooking and you may still get a sticky, starchy or stodgy mess. To save your nerves and efforts a microwave rice steamer was invented. Whatever rice you prefer – Thai jasmine, long grain, brown basmati – it will cook it to perfection. The secret of cooking rice without any hassle is revealed!


Pros: a multi-cooker, cooks quickly, large size, easy to wash, convenient,

Cons: same cooking may bring varying results

Price: $14.99 BUY NOW


4. Potato Bag

If you have ever tried to bake potatoes in a microwave, you know that they come dried out. To not that happen and to cook them faster, use a microwave potato bag. It looks quite simple but does the job well. So if you like jacket potatoes but don't like to spend much time on cooking them, then give a try to this microwave acessory.

Pros: cooks fast, potato is not dried out, makes a meal asap, easy to use.

Cons: too thin, no instruction booklet.

Price: $10.99 BUY NOW


5. Pasta Cooker

This is a must have for pasta lovers. It cooks pasta in no time and saves your energy. Follow the instructions to get perfectly cooked pasta. It is compact and handy so you don't need to sacrifice space on your pantry shelf. A huge plus is that it is possible to cook and rinse pasta in one and the same bowl. Convenient handles assist in taking the bowl from the microwave oven without being burned.


Pros: convenient, saves time, saves energy, easy to use.

Cons: no bright marks.

Price: $10.34 BUY NOW


6. Micro Grill

Micro grill is a microwave add-on that can easily turn your microwave oven into a grill machine.

If you like crispy fish or meat with attractive grill marks but an outdoor barbecue is not an option at the moment, you can use Micro grill that provides a maximum result. There is a book of recipes included that gives you a chance to draw culinary ideas from it.


Pros: cooks quickly, books of recipes, best indoor grill.

Cons: small size.

Price: $58.95 BUY NOW


7. Silicone Burger Press

If you are not sure of the size of your homemade burger patties – they might be too thick or too small – but you are definitely a burger fanatic, then this can be a thing for you. The 7-in-1 press is easy to use to get burgers of a perfect size. This is microwave and freezer safe and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. An instruction is very simple but you can also find a video on YouTube to watch how it works.


Pros: instructions available, freezer safe, molds the best size of patties, nonstick, easy to clean, flexible, heat resistant, easy to use.

Cons: small size of patties.

Price: $16.95 BUY NOW




One of the ways to turn your microwave into a little oven that can get foods crisp is to use a microwave crisper. It allows to easily brown bacon, fish or pizza with little efforts and maximum convenience.


1. Bacon Crisper

Little strips of thin, greasy bacon that buckles when it is fried to turn into the most delicious crispy thing. There is only one way to get it faster than to fry on a pan – to microwave on a bacon crisper. This appliance grills bacon quickly leaving non of the fat, instead all of the taste of it. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


Pros: easy to clean, cooks quickly, good size, bacon gets out crispy and less greasy.

Cons: no lid, does not cook evenly.

Price: $6.29 BUY NOW


2. Fruit and Vegetable Crisp Maker

No more fat crisps! Only healthier and crispier chips. You can make wafers out of any fruit or vegetables you like be it apples, carrots, potatoes, pears or pumpkin. Slice them, stack, microwave and enjoy. The cookware is made of robust plastic and it is dishwasher safe.


Pros: sturdy plastic, cooks evenly, makes crispy crisps, easy to use.

Cons: no instruction booklet, smaller pieces fall through slots, too large divisions.

Price: $4.78 BUY NOW



They are synonymic to “space and time savers” and are must have for a family.


1. Folding Round Tray Stacker

This is one of those things that costs a nickel but is worth even more. It is compact when folded so you can store it in any place. Use it anytime you need to microwave two plates at a time. Such stacker is a perfect thing for a small to large family.


Pros: handy gadget, folds easily, stacks plates effectively, enough space underneath.

Cons: flimsy, leg may collapse.

Price: $49.70 BUY NOW

2. Steam Rack Double Layer Dish Tray

This is a compact and lightweight space saver. It is sturdy and safe for its purpose. Set it on its legs anytime you need to heat two plates of food at a time. It provides enough place underneath and has many holes as air vents. It can also be used as a usual tray. A nice accessory that can make microwaving more convenient.


Pros: foldable, fits the turn table size, both dishes turn around at the same time, compact, lightweight, multipurpose.

Cons: don't fit some plate size, low quality of plastic.

Price: $9.99 BUY NOW


3. Plate Spacers

This is an example of how little gadgets can save space, time and nerves. They are of bright colors so you won't have any problems with noticing them in the kitchen. They are compact but smart. Plate spacers are microwave and dishwasher safe. You can also use them to stack plates in the fridge.


Pros: convenient, saves time and space, easy to use

Cons: don't work for all plate shapes

Price: $28.99 BUY NOW




A good choice for those who intend to keep a microwave oven clean from splatters.


1. Plate Cover with Air Vent

This is literally the next purchase right after the microwave! It resembles a dome that is meant to save your microwave from splashes, which often happen when microwaving the meals. Use it every time when heating the foods.

Pros: high quality of plastic, sturdy, solid, has a convenient handle, dishwasher safe.

Cons: high price, not BPA-free.

Price: $35.93 BUY NOW


2. Collapsible Cover

Let your microwave cover collapse instead of you on seeing myriads of splatters and splashes in your oven. This cover is a #1 protector from them intended to save your time on cleaning. Clever design allows to store it compactly anywhere in your kitchen. Bright color makes this cover an easy-to-find noticeable accessory. Air vents on the top are away from finger indentations so you won't burn your fingers when uncovering the heated foods.

Pros: prevents food splatters, easy to store, works with different plate size, functional.

Cons: not sturdy enough.

Price: $7.99 BUY NOW


3. Set of 4 Silicone Lids Bowl Covers

If you need to microwave something in a bowl and a plate cover doesn't work for it, then take a lid. Not sure what size of a lid? Get 4 different sizes of 4 lovely colors and turn this simple microwave accesory into a bright interior décor in your kitchen.


Pros: variety of sizes, colorful, useful, sturdy.

Cons: may slide from the pot

Price: $10.99 BUY NOW


4. Microwave Oven Cover Cloth

This is a lovely cover to keep your kitchen neat and organized. It doesn't slide from the oven and has a set of pockets for little items. This is a versatile cover for anyone; either for moms of little kids that want to keep babies spoons in the pockets or for older people who usually put some necessary stuff to keep them at hand. Surely you must have many small items in the kitchen that need to be arranged in a proper way.

Pros: does not slide, has handy pockets, looks beautiful and attractive.

Cons: cheaply made

Price: $13.99 BUY NOW


5. Spatter Screen

If you don't like the idea of covering foods with a plastic wrapper or paper towel when microwaving, then spatter screen is a great alternative. It is easily cleaned in a dishwasher and stays like new after each use. It's simple, small and effective. It fits any size of a plate or bowl. There will be hardly a day when you don't use it.

Pros: handy, dries fast, dishwasher safe, prevents splatters, inexpensive.

Cons: flimsy, may sag in the middle

Price: $4.80 BUY NOW



II. Extra Microwave Accessories

1. Microwave Popcorn Maker

If you are a movie monger who can't imagine watching a film without a box of popcorn, then don't hesitate to get this microwave utensil. It is easy to use and brings an excellent result – a bunch of puffy popcorn in no time.

Pros: works great, dishwasher safe, instructions included, easy to clean.

Cons: popcorn may pops out

Price: $19.95 BUY NOW


 2. Silicone Mat

A thin and colorful thing to keep spills from getting on the oven floor. If you don't want to risk taking a glass turntable out every time it is splashed, then a silicone mat can be a good solution. It doesn't buckle, lies flat and flimsy. It can also be used as a baking sheet for preparing pizza and cookies.

Pros: can be used for a pizza pan, nonstick, exact fit, keeps grass turn table from spills.

Cons: lumpy, thin, wavy on the edges.

Price: $6.99 BUY NOW


3. Soup Mug

This is a nice microwave container, which is good for heating water-based foods such as soups. Of a suitable size, it is perfect for one-person serving. There is a handy lid with clicks that prevent splashing. Air vent let the excessive steam out. A convenient handle keeps your hands from being burned. Keep in mind, this mug is not leak proof and it is not meant for cooking but for heating, reheating or short-term boiling. Enjoy your hot soup!


Pros: nice handle, great design, convenient lid with an air vent, high quality of plastic.

Cons: lid is not leak proof.

Price: $6.99 BUY NOW


4. Philips AVENT Steam Sterilizer

No need to say how handy and essential this microwave accessory is for young moms. When sanitary issues are concerned, bottle sterilizer is a good solution. The sterilizer is a big container that can hold from 3 to 6 bottles. It's bulky though lightweight. No more “old way” boiling with Philips AVENT Steam sterilizer!

Pros: easy to use, quick to sterilize, capacious.

Cons: large size, bulky.

Price: $16.55 BUY NOW


5. Microwave Cooking Bags

Cooking bags are intended to help you in fast cooking or heating meals. It is recommended to grease a bag up to keep your foods from sticking together. The bag is perfect for browning. Use it to make toasted sandwiches, scones or braise carrots. Whatever your culinary preferences are, this bag will help them come true.

Pros: saves time, cooks faster, can be wiped and reused.

Cons: does not crisp.

Price: $4.99 BUY NOW


6. Steam Sterilizer Bags

A recommended device to responsible parents for whom sanitary is the issue. They are perfect to use when on the go or traveling. One bag can be reused for up to 20 times. It perfectly fits Dr. Brown's bottle parts but can also be used for other items for sterilization. The greatest benefit of these bags is that they are very compact and you don't need a bulky steamer tray.

Pros: of a good size, affordable, long lasting, nice for traveling.

Cons: thin plastic, seals split apart.

Price: $5.00 BUY NOW



III. How to Make Your Microwave Cooking More Effective

Even though the secret of tasty microwave meals mostly lies in appropriate microwave accessories and culinary experience of a cook, here are five very simple recommendations that may help you use your microwave oven potential more efficiently to prepare delicious foods:

  1. Use special microwave cookware instead of metal one in your microwave.
  2. Use covers to prevent splashing and splattering.
  3. Stir and rotate food items at intervals to microwave them evenly.
  4. Arrange thickest parts of food outward, closer to the oven walls. In this way, the food will be cooked evenly.
  5. Before microwaving, pierce every food that has skin to avoid cracking.


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