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Fridge Accessories - Organizers, Smell Removers, Door Locks, Shelves, Thermometers - 46 Awesome Fridge Accessories And Add-ons

Remember that feeling when the party is over and you have to stuff the leftovers into the fridge? Aren't you irritated with the bottles rolling in a fridge when you are trying to get something out of it? Sometimes the refrigerator, an extremely essential and functional household appliance, turns into the point of annoyance, doesn't it? For instance, the awkwardly shaped packages take too much space on a shelf while there is still free space over them. But once food items are piled tightly, bad smell appears in a fridge. It seems you have to skillfully juggle between the food storage and fighting the unappetizing odor. Unless you find the way to organize your fridge space efficiently. We hope that the fridge accessories below will help you solve the problem of food storage once and for all. In this article you will also find helpful tips on how to take full advanced of the fridge surface. Enjoy rearranging your refrigerator!


Remember that feeling when the party is over and you have to stuff the leftovers into the fridge? Aren't you irritated with the bottles rolling in a fridge when you are trying to get something out of it? Sometimes the refrigerator, an extremely essential and functional household appliance, turns into the point of annoyance, doesn't it? For instance, the awkwardly shaped packages take too much space on a shelf while there is still free space over them. But once food items are piled tightly, bad smell appears in a fridge. It seems you have to skillfully juggle between the food storage and fighting the unappetizing odor. Unless you find the way to organize your fridge space efficiently. We hope that the fridge accessories below will help you solve the problem of food storage once and for all. In this article you will also find helpful tips on how to take full advanced of the fridge surface. Note that some of these accessories will also suit to your portable freezer in your car or RV. Enjoy rearranging your refrigerator!



1. How to Keep Your Fridge Organized?

Very often a refrigerator turns into an overstuffed part of the household especially after a birthday party, a feast or a family dinner. It is not frustrating until you open the door to find all the products placed in chaotic disorder. An attempt to dig a needed food item out turns into a daunting and time-consuming task. Take into account the “high-risk products” that have to be kept in certain temperature conditions otherwise they can become potentially harmful. Hence, the importance of fridge organization gets obvious though locating the foods in certain places in the fridge may not be as efficient as using helpful fridge add-ons. Before we get directly to the list of the most suitable fridge accessories, let's go through a useful strategy on locating foods in the fridge according to temperature demands.


2. The Strategy

This strategy is used by professionals in the restaurant kitchens who first of all take food safety in mind. The temperature in the fridge is not the same in different parts. Consider that when deciding what the best location for this or that food is. And remember the rule that can help you use your fridge efficiently from the point of view of food storage – each product should have a permanent place!

Let's have a look at what the best place for certain types of food is:


Upper shelves

Upper shelves – are intended for storing leftovers, drinks, yogurt, cheese or other foods that don't need to be cooked. It is also a good space for storing fresh herbs or ready-to-eat washed fruit. The secret tip is to keep the latter in the eye level so when you open the fridge the first thing you reach is fresh fruit & veggies.


Central and lower shelves

Central and lower shelves – have the lowest temperature. Dairy, eggs, raw meat and fish are best to be kept there. To avoid the risk of contaminating eggs if we place them together with meat, use as a plastic bin or other handy fridge acessories for meat thawing. Don't overload the shelves, place your foods wisely to let cold air flow easily.



Drawers – they are specifically designed to preserve moisture conditions that are excellent for keeping up fruit and vegetables. It is highly recommended to store similar foods together, that is fruit separately from veggies. So if you have two crisper drawers decide which one is for fruit then the second one use for vegetables. You can also use additional containers to keep things separated.



 Door(s) – this is actually the warmest place in the fridge. It is normally used for storing condiment, salad dressings and sauces or other foods that are resistant to spoiling. But don't forget that any food products including condiments have a shelf life!


3. Fridge Accessories:

Get your refrigerator under control! There are some simple but crucially important fridge accessories that will increase your refrigerator performance. Some of them are more about necessity rather than convenience. Thus if you are about to ensure optimum storage of foods either fresh or cooked, scrutinize the efficiency of refrigerator accessories below:



3.1 Accessories for Beverages:

Often storing cans and wine bottles is tricky because soda cans are easy to be knocked down while bottles may roll around whenever you take any foods nearby. In that instance wisely designed fridge accesories for cans and bottles can assist:


3.1.1 Cans Storage Box

You can find tons of cans in the fridge of a soda lover. But a dedicated fan of soda pop would also have a fridge storage box for cans, a real space saver. This simple but functional can holder allows to easily reach the stuff without bending. It snugly keeps all cans in their places and they don't jiggle when you take the whole set in or out. It indeed makes your fridge look organized.

Pros: simple, sturdy, inexpensive, has a handle, excellent space saver, good size.

Cons: tight, fits in only 4 cans, small handle.

Price: $8.99 BUY NOW


3.1.2 Soda Can Drawer Organizer

Ten cans of soda take a wide space in the fridge but they can easily occupy only 13.75” x 6” when piled in a can drawer. This is a great organizer to keep cans neatly stacked. The drawer is made of clear plastic to allow you control the amount of cans stored. Use a 'lip' handle to move it in or out and enjoy your organized cans!


Pros: slim design, clear, sleek, holds 10 cans, easy to clean, durable, multipurpose.

Cons: not stackable.

Price: $10.99


3.1.3 Stackable Can Dispenser

If you love multipurpose things then consider on this fridge appliance. It holds 10 cans and is very convenient to use as each time you take a can another one rolls into place. For storing more cans just opt for one more dispenser and stack them both. When not in the fridge optimizing the space there, it can be used for carrying soda to a picnic.

Pros: stackable, has a retractable handle, good for outings.

Cons: flimsy, poor quality of plastic.

Price: $9.99


3.1.4 Bottle Rack

The best way to chill wine or champaign fast is to place them in a fridge. But after this problem is solved, another one appears – how to stop them from rolling? The solution is found – use a rack specifically designed for bottles. It is perfect for refrigeration appliances but can also be used in other storage units.

Pros: slim design, fits any fridge, holds regular and oversized bottles, stops the bottles from rolling.

Cons: sits loosely, can't be used for 1.5 L bottles.

Price: $11.99


3.1.5 Stackable Wine Storage Rack

If you are a wine lover who always has a bottle or two of this beverage at home, a wine storage rack is what you need. You can either use it in a fridge to chill the drink or in a cabinet as a compact bottle organizer.

Pros: compact, convenient, space saver, stackable, looks nice, durable and clear plastic.

Cons: no clips, overpriced.

Price: $9.39


3.1.6 Bottle Stacking Mat

Sometimes less is more, in case of a bottle stacking mat, it really is. This is an absolutely simple thing with a minimalistic design but great functional possibility. It keeps bottles or cans solidly in place preventing them from rolling. Just buy this mat, stick it on the shelf and place the bottles. It works as described – a simple concept that solves the problem effectively.

Pros: fits in 10 cans or 5 bottles, easy to use, sticks firmly, stops bottles from rolling.

Cons: smaller than expected, a bit pricey.

Price: $11.70


3.1.7 Wine Stoppers

Even wine lovers sometimes can't finish a whole bottle of wine at once (it happens!) and when it is the issue, they face the problem how to recork the bottle. The main demand it should be secure. If you decide on wine stoppers, you won't be disappointed! This is a set of locking stoppers that cork the bottle securely. Now you can drink at your own pace and enjoy your favorite wine anytime. 

Pros: fit all standard fine bottles, easy to use, 3 items, leak proof.

Cons: don't fit some bottles.

Price: $22.97


3.2 Accessories for Eggs

In any recommendation about egg storage in the fridge you will find that the best place is the back of the middle shelf. This is the location with a more stabilized temperature. Some are used to keeping eggs in their original carton containers but if this is not the option then pay attention to handy fridge accessories for eggs.


3.2.1 Acrylic Egg Holder (stores 14 eggs)

If you are looking for a nice egg organizer to keep your fridge fashioned, consider this neat, sleek and extremely functional egg holder. There is an individual cup for each egg to keep them separated. This appliance is good both as a fridge accessory and as a boiled egg holder for outings.

Pros: BPA free plastic, handy, sturdy, neat design.

Cons: less convenient for small eggs.

Price: $14.99


3.2.2 Snap 'N Stack Egg 2 Layer Container

If you are a fan of deviled eggs for breakfast, a 14-egg holder might not meet your needs. Thus, have a look at a roomier container that stacks eggs in 2 layers with a dozen eggs each. It holds up to 24 eggs, which are safely placed in special cups. This container is excellent for transporting fragile eggs anywhere you like, be they cooked or raw.

Pros: clear plastic, compact, has a handle, portable, easy to use, high quality of plastic.

Cons: finger space in the tray is small.

Price: $9.18


3.2.3 Plastic Egg Holder

Some people buy eggs in bulk, as a result they get used to store eggs in bulk, too. A simple but sturdy plastic holder may be your space saver. This is actually a rectangular basket of a quite small size but huge capacity. It can hold up to 30 eggs. Once eggs are over, it can be used for storing other foods.

Pros: roomy, sturdy, has a build-in handle, convenient, very compact, holds many eggs, multi-functional.

Cons: no lid.

Price: $10.99


3.2.4 Egg Tray Holder (stores 12 eggs)

It's hard to imagine the way the eggs can be stored in the fridge fashionably unless you get this pretty refrigerator accessory! Add some color and organization to your fridge with the help of this 12-egg tray. It is compact what is great, and heavy enough what is also a benefit. In addition, it can be used as a serveware. 

Pros: pretty, sturdy, multi-functional, available in different colors.

Cons: non stackable, heavy.

Price: $9.69


3.2.5 Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart Egg Tray

In the era of smart devices, even egg trays get smart! This is the first app enabled egg tray that tells you how many eggs are left and which should be cooked first. Wherever you are, at your friend's, in the office or even in the emergency room, you can get the information about your eggs. It sounds fun but it works great!

Pros: low price, syncs with your smartphone, has LED indicators, talks, funny, works accurately.

Cons: difficult to connect to WiFi.

Price: $11.99


3.3 Fridge Organizers

Don't you know how to utilize your space in the fridge in a stressless way? Check out these organizers to optimize your fridge performance.


3.3.1 Organizer Bins (set of 4)

One of the ways to turn your fridge into a wisely organized space is to use this set of 4 containers. They are of different size to suit different foods yet to meet a single purpose – to store various stuff neatly. Don't hesitate to grab a set or even two because they can help you keep your pantry, freezer and kitchen cabinets under control.

Pros: multi functional, clear plastic, keep things organized, have build-in handles.

Cons: a few people find them too large.

Price: $29.99


3.3.2 Basket Sliding Shelf

Often shelves in the fridge aren't fully used, there can be much free space above the foods. If this is the issue, a basket sliding shelf is a nice solution. It helps keep some items separated and organized. Following the instructions, it takes a few minutes to figure out how to install it. Once on a place, fancy the convenience of optimized space!

Pros: helpful, easy to install, excellent space saver, slides smoothly.

Cons: may not fit some fridge shelves.

Price: $18.99


3.3.3 Storage Organizer Tray

Leakage from thawing meat in a fridge are frustrating. If you want the meat to thaw without any stress for you, put it in the clear plastic tray to keep that under control. An organizer tray may also be used for holding other food items in a neat way. This tray is likewise efficient for optimizing your pantry.

Pros: clear plastic, firm, nice design, easy to clean.

Cons: size not indicated, may not fit some fridge bins.

Price: $9.66


3.3.4 Refrigerator Drawer

Clever organization of foods in the fridge advantages their staying fresh and good for longer. One of the efficient ways to arrange food items is to go for helpful fridge accessories. The refrigerator drawers are designed specifically to keep things in a place that is normally empty, thus to optimize your fridge performance.

Pros: 4 in a set, slide smoothly, foods are easy to access, take up little space, convenient.

Cons: too small.

Price: $17.99



3.4 Fridge Smell Removers

There is one thing that can completely destroy your desire to cook and ruin your appetite – a bad smell coming out from your fridge. Want to get rid of it quickly and for long? Decide on an odor absorber, which is a powerful remedy for deodorizing your fridge.


3.4.1 Fridge Odor Absorber

Sometimes fridge smells not the way you want it. Such situation is especially undesired when you are camping in an RV. In order to prevent that or to solve an already existing problem, buy a fridge odor absorber to make sure nothing will spoil your vacation.


Pros: specifically designed for RV fridges, small, effective, absorbs great.

Cons: a bit expensive.

Price: $8.64


3.4.2 Smell Remover

If you get irritated anytime you open the fridge and smell an unpleasant odor from within, you need a fridge air purifier to find peace and satisfaction. This is a small linen bag that looks like a pretty fridge accessory rather than an intricate appliance. Add some fresh color and flavor to your fridge!

Pros: lasts long, inexpensive, works quickly, looks pretty, easy to use, no chemicals, safe.

Cons: need to be rejuvenated in the sun from time to time.

Price: $7.99



4 Accessories for Fridges in RVs

Some people enjoy the life of a traveler, it is like living multiple lives, meeting different people, and getting a new experience. One of the ways to do that is to travel in an RV. In order to always have fresh foods at hand, you will need a fridge, but if you want to keep it organized you will need specific fridge accessories:


4.1 Fridge Brace

The slogan “Keeps food in place” explains its main idea. If you want to prevent rolling or sliding of bottles or other containers, just install these braces. They are helpful when you have problems with keeping food items in one place, especially in an RV. The only demand is that there should be wire shelves in an RV fridge.

Pros: small, effective, easy to install and reinstall, sturdy, good quality, inexpensive.

Cons: work for wire shelves only.

Price: $5.05


4.2 Double Refrigerator Bar

The issue of keeping order in an RV refrigerator during travel is crucial. It is indeed disappointing to find chaos in a fridge after a tiresome drive. One of the ways to avoid that is to decide on specific fridge accessories designed to keep food items firm and save in place they need to be. Make use of a simple but extremely helpful double bar.

Pros: effective, easy to install and reinstall, good quality, durable, lightweight, multipurpose, inexpensive.

Cons: a little flimsy.

Price: $5.00



5. Fridge Ice Maker Kits

On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a glass of cold soda. So desirable, thirst-quenching, and refreshing. These are ice cubes that make soda so alluring. Consider the ice making trays and molds below to help you overcome dog days.


5.1 Ice Ball Maker Mold

This is #1 Best Seller with a load of positive reviews, thus a must have fridge accessory! If you find ice cubes old-fashioned, then opt for ice balls. They look wonderful and work great with soft and soda drinks. Improvise by adding some berries or mint in a ball. Enjoy!


Pros: flexible, high-quality silicone, make wonderful spheres of a good size, easy to take out.

Cons: demand some practice to make perfect-shaped balls.

Price: $9.25


5.2 Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Are you a fan of old-school things? Speaking of this Silicone Ice Cube Tray, “old-school” does not mean tattered and torn, on the contrary, this is a modern tray made of high-quality flexible silicone that provides you with lots of mini ice cubes. Just grab a handful of them, add to your drink and enjoy the freshener.

Pros: quick freezing, set of 2 trays, flexible, high-quality silicone, make good size cubes, stackable.

Cons: difficult to get cubes out, a bit expensive.

Price: $12.88


5.3 Love Ring Shaped Ice Tray

Looking for a romantic way to propose? Shower your girl with engagement rings! Ice rings. A ring shaped tray is a funny yet practical ice maker. The unusual cubes form may boost you to use this ice tray daily after you propose. Keep in mind, it doesn't exempt you from buying a diamond ring if you want her to say 'Yes'.

Pros: affordable, quick freezing, good looking ring shapes, perfect size.

Cons: plastic but not silicone.

Price: $3.97


5.4 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

People are divided into two categories: Star Wars fans and other mortals. If you belong to the first class, then you can't help buying this fantastic set of Star Wars Ice Trays. You can even create your own novelty with already known characters. Spice up your drink with these cute ice cubes!

Pros: made of high-quality silicone, 8 pieces in a set, colorful, funny, easy to use, perfect detail quality.

Cons: smaller than expected.

Price: $22.89


6. Fridge Magnetic Clips and Notebooks

How many friends do you have who don't stick anything on a frig? Pictures, notes, drawings, tickets and whatnot can be found on a fridge door. This is probably the most important appliance in the kitchen from a gastronomic as well as informative point of view. Have a look at some popular magnets you might want to have.


6.1 Refrigerator Calendar Kit

A good and easy-to-use planner is a real helper. No need to rely on your memory when you have everything written ready at hand. Trust your daily routine to the fridge magnetic planner. There is enough space to write notes, it sticks well on a fridge and it is always visible in the kitchen. This is also a good idea for a present.

Pros: safe packaging, write & erase markers, perfect size, convenient, sticks well, strong, useful.

Cons: feeble marker magnets.

Price: $13.95


6.2 Fridge Magnetic While Board

What is the best place to write notes fast when someone is calling you? A white board! Stick it onto your fridge and you will always be ready for getting and writing down any new information. It can be used as a message center as well as a drawing easel for your kids.

Pros: flexible, dry erase, good size, excellent markers included, large eraser, strong magnet.

Cons: flimsy.

Price: $10.90


6.3 Refrigerator Magnet Clips

If you are running into the need to leave notes or attach pictures on the fridge but you are not sure that common fridge magnets are reliable enough, then these clips might be a good choice. They are strong and sturdy. They can also be used in the office, kitchen, workshops and other rooms & places.

Pros: 8 in a set, stick firmly, good for ANY ferrous surface, strong clips.

Cons: No!

Price: $6.75


6.4 Push Pin Magnets

Fridge magnets stood the test of time! Even now when there is a range of convenient reminder apps, people still give preference to written notes. In addition to being excellent as magnets, push pin magnets are good as racks for pot holders or kitchen towels due to their pawn shape. No additional racks are needed!

Pros: 6 in a set, sleek metal, nice nickel finish, stick firmly, stylish, lasting shine.

Cons: a little expensive.

Price: $10.95


6.5 Monster Magnetic Hooks

If for some reason you can't drill a wall and screw a hook there, you can buy magnetic hooks and attach them to a ferrous surface. The kitchen is a nice place to use them. You can stick magnetic hooks on a frig and hang some stuff to keep it accurately organized.

Pros: 8 in a set, stick firmly, good for ANY ferrous surface, strong clips.

Cons: No!

Price: $6.75


6.6 Notebook Design for Refrigerator

In many houses, a fridge substitutes a bulletin board. This is the perfect place to stick a to-do list or leave notes for the family members. Get the use of the magnetic Post-It Notes and don't rely on your memory. They are fun to write while your loved ones may find it fun to read. Just draw a smile and cheer up!

Pros: nice size, flexible, smooth, easy to erase, looks great.

Cons: thin.

Price: $6.98


6.7 Magnetic Mash Pocket

If you have a small kitchen where space matters, wise organization is essential. A magnetic mash pocket is excellent for storing notebooks, paper, photos or other small items in it. An organizer has strong magnetic backing so there is no need to worry that it falls down from a fridge door.

Pros: roomy, easy to install, strong magnets, made of steel, sturdy, multipurpose.

Cons: no.

Price: $11.52



7. Fridge Thermometers

In order to be aware that a fridge and freezer keep the temperature within the acceptable limits, a fridge thermometer is needed. Make sure your foods are chilled and frozen appropriately with the aid of the following devices:


7.1 Fridge Thermometer

Some fridges and freezers have inside thermometers with an outside display that help monitor the temp. If you lack that option but want to be well-informed about the condition inside the fridge, you can compensate that by dint of a fridge thermometer. It will signal you when the temp fluctuation is risky.

Pros: sound alarm, dual display, battery and instructions included, good size, accurate temperature.

Cons: silent alarm, thick cable.

Price: $12.40


7.2 Fridge Dial Thermometer

A fridge & freezer thermometer is a must have. It helps to monitor temperature fluctuation to ensure that all foods are good for eating. Accuracy is the thing that matters for a thermometer. This dial thermometer is the one to be trusted. For a very small expense, it provides precise information about temp in a fridge.

Pros: good quality, large, no batteries needed, durable, made of stainless-steel.

Cons: works not accurately.

Price: $5.85



8. Extra Fridge Accessories

A range of some extras for fridge organization can help you keep your kitchen appliance under control and even add a bit of charm to it.


8.1 Food Storage Labels

Say goodbye to packages with unknown food and date! From this moment you will never forget what inside the package and when you put it there. Just take a marker pen, stick a label and write the content. These labels are moisture resistant so they are perfect for fridges and freezers.

Pros: sticky, many of them, good quality, enough room to write.

Cons: hard to get off.

Price: $9.99


8.2 Refrigerator Pads

This is not a secret that cleaning fridge shelves can be a challenge. Sticky spills harden in cold, what turns cleaning into a back-breaker. Once you cover the shelves with rubber mats, the problem is solved and your nerves are saved. The mats are easy to clean.  Moreover, they add a splash of color to monochrome white internal.

Pros: odor free material, flexible, large, easy to clean, thin, lightweight, colorful.

Cons: wears out, smaller than a fridge shelf.

Price: $9.79


8.3 Refrigerator Shock Pads

Even though a refrigerator does not make much noise while working, it stills may vibrate. If this is the issue with your fridge or you just want to enjoy a calming silence in the kitchen, you can try shock pads to decrease noise and vibration. You may need someone's help to install them but it is well worth the efforts!

Pros: absorb vibration, inexpensive, work good for washing machines as well.

Cons: legs can slip eventually.

Price: $5.69


8.4 Fridge Door Lock

Those who need external motivation to boost their intention for eating less, need this little thing as a helper. Just hang a padlock on your fridge door and forget about night snacks. It is also very effective to keep little kids from opening the fridge. It holds strong without being even screwed!

Pros: looks great, no drilling and screws required, holds strong, keeps kids out, easy to use.

Cons: expensive.

Price: $24.95


8.5 Fridge Handle Covers

Fridge handles are probably the most touched handles in the house. As a result, they tend to be the dirtiest, especially if there are children at home. You need covers to keep handles clean and stain-free. Besides, they look as a fashionable fridge accessory. From now on your fridge handles are saved from unwanted finger marks!

Pros: soft, stylish, easy to attach, double side use, keep handles clean, washable.

Cons: do not fit all fridge models, single color.

Price: $11.90


8.6 Child Safety Locks

If you have children at home, the problem of locking the doors of drawers, cabinets, fridge, etc. is vital. In order to save your nerves and remain a 'kind mommy' all day long, opt for safety locks to prevent undesired invasion of kids to the places not meant for children's games. They are neat and simple so they won't spoil the interior.

Pros: look neat, easy to use, simple to install, 6 in a pack, multiple uses, easy adult access, choice of colors.

Cons: can break over time.

Price: $18.99


8.7 Freezer Meter

Freezer Meter is a small but clever kitchen tool to ensure that foods are fresh and good to eat. It is small, takes no space and should be installed in a freezer. No batteries or wires at all! Follow the instructions and you will find it simple to use. Freezer Meter is a must have in areas with power outages.

Pros: works accurately, fit any freezer, easy to install, durable, small, no wires and batteries.

Cons: tricky to attach.

Price: $6.99


8.8 Adjustable Rollers

This set of rollers is great for moving a fridge or any other appliance in and out. It is much easier to do the cleaning under the fridge on the rollers. They are also used for easy transportation of other heavy appliances. It is possible to choose among three options where the frames are made of steel, plastic or aluminum.

Pros: large load capacity, adjustable, inexpensive, easy to use, cheaper than custom wheels, no marring on a floor, roll great.

Cons: flimsy frame.

Price: $10.65


8.9 Fridge Safe Box Locker

Can you trust your family members that they won't eat foods your plan to use for certain events? If not, then you can store foods in a safe box! This is a unique fridge accessory responsible for safety of products. Those on a diet may use it as a food cage to spot them from night eating.

Pros: well made, good idea for present, locks safely, works as described.

Cons: small, much space between the bars.

Price: $10.90


8.10 Plate Spacers

The leftovers are difficult to store in the fridge, especially if you don't want to pour meals from a plate to a container. Once you get plate spacers, you won't need to do that even if you have up to 4 plates of leftovers. Just separate the plates by creating a pretty stack and put it in a frig.

Pros: good quality, offer enough space between plates, space saver, colorful, easy to use, compact.

Cons: works not accurately.

Price: $12.98


8.11 Locker Mirror

Even in the kitchen surrounded by the kids any lady wants to look attractive. The best way to achieve that is to have a mirror within reach and at eye level.  A locker mirror is a great solution! Hang it on a fridge magnetic hook and feast your eyes on your beautiful reflection.

Pros: clear, excellent size, thick, accurate, not fragile, good quality, sturdy, functional.

Cons: no magnet hook.

Price: $11.52


8.12 Refrigerator Door Stay

If you get irritated by a fridge door closing every time you store foods inside, then you might like this solution to keep it open. Make use of a fridge door stay. This is actually a plastic stick with two suction cups made in a way to prevent the door from closing. A simple solution for the annoying problem.

Pros: compact, easy to install, inexpensive.

Cons: slip, does not fit all fridges.

Price: $4.71



9. Five Rules for Separate Food Storage

Regardless of fridge accessories you choose for your appliance, there are still some recommendations on how to keep foods in a fridge to avoid the risk of contamination. The foodstuffs of different types should be stored separately from each other to have them fresher longer.


So, never store together:

  • ready-to-eat meals/leftovers and raw foods
  • cheese and smoked products
  • sausages and fruit or vegetables
  • vegetables and fruit
  • salads, fruits, and fish


Keep in mind that a fridge is not only a source of cold but an effectively organized kitchen appliance!


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