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Portable Handheld Scanners - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Your child has brought you a picture he has drawn during your vacation. How lovely would it be to look through such memorable items when he grows up and we grow old! But the chances this tiny sheet of paper will survive the decades are low.

Another case is when you are on a business trip and the need to send the documents you have just received in paper emerges.

These different cases and tasks have something in common. Guess what? That’s right - a portable scanner is the right thing to solve both!

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Best Portable Printers - Wireless, Photo, Robotic And Dedicated Printers

Are you on a business trip now and need to print out another successful contract for signing right on a plane? Or are you a student sitting in a dorm in the evening and need your coursework to be printed by early morning? Or are you just the one who wish stunningly colored family photographs to be made at home? If you are one of those guys, you probably thought (at least once) about having a portable printer which could make you more independent in such situations and could become your reliable technological companion wherever you are. This article is intended to explore different types of portable printers, their available features and benefits to help you choose the best one that matches your needs.

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USB2USB Device for transfering files from media sources

USB2USB DeviceFlash drive and memory card today are two of the most popular media devices that are used almost every day and almost everywhere. Data as entertainment and business information is often copied from media source to the other media, which always takes time, and is usually very inconvenient. To address this problem the concept device called USB2USB was developed. From the name of device it is not hard to guess what the main function of the device is – it is to copy the data from one media source to the media. For example, from the USB flash drive, or memory card to a portable hard drive and other.        

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The Bat - flying computer mouse

The Bat - flying computer mouseThe Bat is a set that includes a platform and a flying mouse with a magnetic ring that can hold the weight of a human hand. No, you have read everything correctly, the Bat is a new computer mouse that is actually and literally flying on the air at the same time perfectly performing all the needed functions. In its basic sense the Bat is the levitating wireless computer mouse that is using magnetic field to stay in the air.

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PanaCast - portable webcam for online conferences

PanaCastThe company «Altia» has already released its new project of a very interesting and at the same time extremely useful webcam. The new model is called the «PanaCast». It has a review of 200 degrees. Actual viewing angle is achieved by using several cameras placed at different angles. It should be borne in mind that a regular camera does not give such a review angle as the human eye, because in addition to the straight view, people have a view of peripheral vision, which allows capturing images of objects located to the sides. The new webcam PanaCast has this rare ability, in such a way allowing much more than a conventional webcam that is offered on the market.   

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Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NUL

Miniature Multifunctional Router ASUS WL-330NULCompact models of wireless routers have already been discussed in the world of high tech. Compared to conventional devices the portable routers are usually lower in functionality and have wired ports with simplified configuration of a wireless module and a relatively low performance hardware platform. In many cases, for the users it was more than enough, but with the ASUS WL-330NUL the lovers of internet have much more possibilities now.  

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Bluetooth Gloves for phone talks in winter

Bluetooth GlovesCold weather is not a reason to end your talks on the mobile devices. The technological progress has advanced already to offer you great solutions to everyday problems. As, for example, in order to cope with winter and also cold days the original Bluetooth-headset called Bluetooth Gloves was introduced to the market. This warm glove with the microphone placed in the little finger and the speaker in the thumb, as well as the remote control located on the wrist can offer you to keep up with your conversations even when the weather is below zero not freezing your hands. And it will be enough just to place these fingers when you call in a characteristic, known from childhood, gesture to start a conversation. Also in this unusual item of clothing is also built a small keyboard that allows you to control the music player on the phone and by the calls too.

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