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Portable Scanners - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Your child has brought you a picture he has drawn during your vacation. How lovely would it be to look through such memorable items when he grows up and we grow old! But the chances this tiny sheet of paper will survive the decades are low.

Another case is when you are on a business trip and the need to send the documents you have just received in paper emerges.

These different cases and tasks have something in common. Guess what? That’s right - a portable scanner is the right thing to solve both!

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Best Portable Printers - A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Are you on a business trip now and need to print out another successful contract for signing right on a plane? Or are you a student sitting in a dorm in the evening and need your coursework to be printed by early morning? Or are you just the one who wish stunningly colored family photographs to be made at home? If you are one of those guys, you probably thought (at least once) about having a portable printer which could make you more independent in such situations and could become your reliable technological companion wherever you are. This article is intended to explore different types of portable printers, their available features and benefits to help you choose the best one that matches your needs.

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USB2USB Device for transfering files from media sources

USB2USB DeviceFlash drive and memory card today are two of the most popular media devices that are used almost every day and almost everywhere. Data as entertainment and business information is often copied from media source to the other media, which always takes time, and is usually very inconvenient. To address this problem the concept device called USB2USB was developed. From the name of device it is not hard to guess what the main function of the device is – it is to copy the data from one media source to the media. For example, from the USB flash drive, or memory card to a portable hard drive and other.        

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