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Viable GIGS.2.GO Disposable Flash Drive

GIGS.2.GO Disposable Flash DriveNowadays USB-stick is like a cell phone, there should always be at least one at hand. But these small devices, like pens and pencils, always get lost, or are traveling from one bag to another, from one hands to the others and thus in the end you clearly remembered that you had at least four of those and now you cannot find at least one. Therefore for people familiar with this problem and for all butterfingers was invented a new portable media storage device - GIGS.2.GO that has a size of a standard plastic card, containing four, it can be said, disposable USB flash drives. 

Easy device to avoid your flash drives loss

Therefore now all the "green" fans can rejoice, as the case of so-called rip-off flash drives is fully made of recycled cardboard, no plastic was used for the cover of the media storage capacity. Each flash card of the GIGS.2.GO device holds up to 1 GB of information. This drive is a perfect solution for those who constantly need to give or get some data via flash-drive and thus you would not mind losing it after using it one or two times as it costs very little. So, the next time someone needed a flash drive - you can share a piece of the device light-heartedly. GIGS.2.GO convenience lies also in the fact that a complete set is more complicated to lose than a single drive because of the large size. Moreover, you can easily fit it into your wallet or business-card case, and thus it will be harder to lose than a single flash drive. The device is as compact and handy as CardSharp Portable Knife or Memoto Mini-cam.

GIGS.2.GO Disposable Flash Drive

The best way to share any information

GIGS.2.GO disposable stick was named this way because of the concept of "rip it off, write down the information, give it and forget about it", because no one will mourn because of the one-gigabyte drive. But the actual USB-sticks are quite functional and can withstand many cycles of rewriting, because electronic filling of the GIGS.2.GO is not recyclable, unlike the case.

So from the functional side we can see that this device is perfect for people who need to share the information with others and most probably will never get the flash-drive back, you can also give it to the friend who is always forgetting your staff at his place not returning a single one on time. Moreover, by having GIGS.2.GO device you will be able to share to four people at the time, therefore it is more functional than another product on the market. If you know the value of time and comfort, GIGS.2.GO disposable stick can be really helpful device for your work exactly as Portable Document Scanner, Portable Wireless Toaster or Fax Machine For Mobile Office.

Viable option with friendly price

Now let’s see from the technical side what can we learn about this product. As noted before, the case of the GIGS.2.GO portable device is made of fully recyclable cardboard therefore be cautious while leaving it in pants and putting it into a washing machine, though not a single flash-drive with a plastic cover can also withstand the test of a washing machine. From the inner side it is a normal flash-drive that is as standard as the Kingstone or any other manufacturer.

Now let’s see how it is offered in the market. The GIGS.2.GO portable gadget was created by the company Boltgroup, American idea generator, and is sold for the price of 12$. It is possible that the price will be even cheaper with time, unfortunately for now the device is not available for the Europe.

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