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Environmentally friendly Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine

Nomand Portable Green Coffee-MachineIn our modern world hundred thousands of people cannot live without a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. If you are also a part of this group and to normally function in the morning and during the day you need an aromatic and hot beverage with caffeine, then the invention by UniTerra named Nomad will for sure make your life easier. Nomad is a portable coffee machine with the size dimensions of 15 * 15 * 15 cm and a weight of mere 1.1 kg, which does not require electricity to operate. In such a way these features make this coffee-machine the most portable and easy to use device offered on the market. We have heard before about the small electrical coffee-machines, about car-coffee-machines, but now let’s learn more about the totally power-source free coffee-machine Nomad.  

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Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

 Hand Powered Portable Washing MachineUnique portable washing machine was recently presented on the public display under the title Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine. Many of you have already realized the main characteristics of this new portable device, as the name speaks for itself pretty clearly. If you are interested in issues related to energy savings, and your husband wants to pump up his biceps, then this new portable device will be just perfect.

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3Doodler -amazing 3D-printer with low weight and acceptable price

3DoodlerLast April, the founder MarkerBoot Samuel Cervantes showed the new device called Solidoodle, a portable 3D-printer for $ 500. Price is a bit puzzling, since before this regular price was about $ 2000. Now the team Wobbleworks is going to release 3Doodler, a portable 3D-printer-pen, for an incredible price of just $ 75. For this incredible small sum you can order on the company web-page your own portable 3D-printer right now and get it in couple of working days.

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