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Portable Wireless Toaster for busy people

Portable ToasterKorean engineer Kim Bin has recently presented his new very unusual and at the same time quite nice and appealing invention of the portable device. He invented the pocket toaster, which is capable of quickly frying bread anywhere and at any conditions. From the basic sense the device is like a real toaster, thus has one main function – to toast the bread, but its portability can present a great value to majority of the busy people nowadays (it's will be good to use cars and coffee machines with this toaster). 

Easy-to-use portable toaster for everyone

From the outer design the device looks like a small blade for the cake. Once you see it for the first time, you immediately question yourself – how does it work? The device was developed using nanotechnology and generates electricity using tiny particles of carbon.

Portable ToasterThis portable device is also very easy for the person of any age. To use it, you just need to press the button and hold a slice of bread as long as it takes to fry it. The reverse side of the mini-toaster is equipped with a special indicator with a pattern in the form of grape leaves and butterflies. The more fried is the bread; the clearer picture appears on the surface. Preparing a toast takes 2-3 minutes, though the time may vary according to your tastes and wants. Meanwhile you can make make a cup of coffee in Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine or heat in Convenient Microwave for the car other meals.

Indispensable device for busy people

The only drawback of the device, as noted by the creator Bin Kim, is that it cannot fry the bread from the both sides simultaneously. However, the Korean inventor believes that the portable toaster can be useful to tourists and workers who eat breakfast in the walls of the office.

According to the official reports of the majority of the invention followers, the emergence of new item in the stores is expected within a year. Therefore you can already prepare yourself to get this cute and pretty useful device for yourself.  

Useful gadget with pretty friendly price

From our thoughts this device is also very useful for all the families that have children, while you are giving your children a lift to school, your wife can right on the way prepare some toasts for you and for your children’s lunch. Moreover, people who are going camping and love to have for a quick snack a sandwich or toasted bread with some ham, then this small and totally wireless free toaster will be just perfect for you. There are some other useful and convenient portable gadgets for camping- CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle with UV lamp and Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine or toaster for a car. And if you want to ensure safety of your car while you have a rest - Portable Carport Kit could be a perfect solution.

From the technical characteristics we should mention the size dimensions of the toaster, which are equal to 27 centimeters in length and about 6 centimeters in width, thus it is not bigger than a usual blade for cake. The weight of the invention is a little more than 150 gramms. The price of the new device was not announced yet, but from the teaser advertising it was mentioned that this portable toaster will cost no more than 45$. It is a pretty friendly price for such a small but at the same time interesting and useful portable device.

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