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Environmentally friendly Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine

Nomand Portable Green Coffee-MachineIn our modern world hundred thousands of people cannot live without a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. If you are also a part of this group and to normally function in the morning and during the day you need an aromatic and hot beverage with caffeine, then the invention by UniTerra named Nomad will for sure make your life easier. Nomad is a portable coffee machine with the size dimensions of 15 * 15 * 15 cm and a weight of mere 1.1 kg, which does not require electricity to operate. In such a way these features make this coffee-machine the most portable and easy to use device offered on the market. We have heard before about the small electrical coffee-machines, about car-coffee-machines, but now let’s learn more about the totally power-source free coffee-machine Nomad.  

How to make a cup of aromatic espresso?

The operating of this device is done very easily as well as in another useful device for coffee nerds - Handpresso Car Coffee Machine.

The device has two special sections. Into one container you have to pour the grounded coffee, while to the second container you need to pour boiling water or even not very hot water from the tap. Next, you need to put a cup under a special snout and wait put pressure on the special lever couple of times. And voila! At a single fill-in time it is possible to make up to 3 servings of fresh and aromatic espresso.

Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine

Environmentally friendly gadget for travelers and drivers

Currently the project is already in the development state, and the official sales of the device will start from August. The price of this new device is set preliminary at 165$. The portable feature of this coffee-machine makes it the best friend for all the business people who often need to travel or go on the business trips, for all car drivers (truck drivers, taxi drivers, logistic company drivers, delivery and etc.). Some other portable devices like Wireless Toaster, CardSharp Portable Knife or Microwave for the Car can also be really helpful while travelling.

The creators and designers of this nicely-looking coffee-machine are the Vincent J. Chen and the engineer Curt Morgan. As the device uses zero electricity or other power source, and thus doesn’t need any CO2 or N2O cartridges it was also said that this coffee-machine is the most environmentally friendly of any option now on the market.

Owner of such device will be able to make a cup of perfect coffee even in the wildest place: with the help of  CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle with UV lamp it is possible to get drinking-water anywhere even from very dirty sourпїЅes.


Perfect device to prepare black coffee

From the possible disadvantages of this small coffee-machine it is possible to name the inability to provide the owner with a variety fo choices. The coffee-machines can prepare for you perfect espresso, nice Americano, and a simple but at the same time very tasty black coffee, though the lovers of Latte or cappuccino will be pretty disappointed, as the Nomad device cannot brew milk.

Now the orders are already being taken. The creators also provide us with some styling options, offering different coloring of the device, currently you can get the Nomad portable and electricity-free coffee-machine in light green, matte and glossy black, ripe cherry red color and light sky-blue color. For a small additional price the buyer can also get the additional coffee drawer.

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