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Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

 Hand Powered Portable Washing MachineUnique portable washing machine was recently presented on the public display under the title Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine. Many of you have already realized the main characteristics of this new portable device, as the name speaks for itself pretty clearly. If you are interested in issues related to energy savings, and your husband wants to pump up his biceps, then this new portable device will be just perfect.

Quick washing without any power source

Though, it is just a joke, be sure that this mini washing machine is not getting us back to the previous generation, but is a true step ahead in improving our standards of living. This new washing machine does not need any power source to run quickly and efficiently, as well as some other portable household devices - Wireless Toaster or Smart Iron. Unfortunately washing machine will need you to be able to operate, though the washing time is just a couple of mere seconds.

As this question is the most important with such a device, let’s look at it a little bit more closely. The washing process takes from ten seconds to two minutes including loading of two kilograms of laundry. Listening to this you can already imagine that this device is truly a miracle. In order to start the mechanism of action it is enough to twist a special handle that will rotate the drum, thereby washing your clothes without spending any additional money.

 Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

Environment-friendly gadget for thrifty persons

In such a way Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine is a godsend gadget for very thrifty people who have money on a strict account. Besides all this, as this device is working on the manual drive it is also numbered amongst the rank of green devices that do not pollute the environment, which has recently become very important. Some other gadgets for home and travels, like Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine or Mocoro Robotic Furball, are also environment-friendly.

From the technical perspective it is also very easy to operate this wonderful machine, and with a full load of about 2.3 kilos of clothes the machine requires only six liters of water. Moreover, as the washing process takes just two minutes, this portable hand operated device can also dry the clothes as fast as it can wash them.

Another advantage of this model is that the Hand Powered Compact Washing Machine is very small in size and may be easily taken with you on a trip and be placed in the car. In your travels very useful can also be Portable HD TV and compact Microwave for the Car.


Compact and easy-operating device for home and trips

From the other technical specifications we should mention the special operating system, that lies at tis core. The process was patented by the creators, American engineers, and involves a special pressure system that is evoked by turning the handle and thus forcing the water with the washing powder through the fabric at a very high speed for multiple times and at different angles, in such a way not leaving any chance for dirt. This device was named just perfect for people. Gadget will be useful in some cases.

  1. You usually have to go on long trips, for campers, for country-sides.
  2. You have small family or You are single people who want to save some costs, but at the same time look clean, fresh and neat.

This washing machine is absolutely safe for different fabric types like silk, cotton, wool, cashmere and other. The final price for this miracle on the European market is 39 Euros, perfect deal for such a necessary thing.

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