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Handy Handpresso Car Coffee Machine

Handpresso Car Coffee MachineFrench coffee making machine company has developed a unique new product, which certainly will be liked by the people who enjoy drinking coffee in the morning and those who cannot imagine their life without coffee and drink at least few cups throughout the day, though these are not the only customers for this great new device. The product is called Handpresso Auto and it is a portable coffee maker, that you can more easily take with you on the car ride and cook one of the greatest and aromatic "Americano" simultaneously with heating pizza in portable mini microwave while standing in a traffic jam on the way home, or to work or during the day when you need to get to the very important meeting where you need to be awake and full of energy and you are now on your way.  

Handy device to get freshly brewed coffee anywhere

The ergonomic shape of this great coffee maker allows you to put it into the car cup holder, and not be afraid that it will fall. The charging of this great coffee maker Handpresso is as usually made with the majority of the car devices, through the cigarette lighter the same as in Convenient Microwave for the Car.

Now let’s look at the exploitation guide and try to understand how to operate this unique machine. The manufacturers claim that it is all very easy you just need to fill water into a special holding capacity, insert filter with coffee, turn the device on, and wait, enjoying the aroma of your favorite coffee flavor. However, it should be noted that for the preparation of the decent cup of Handpresso coffee maker car edition needs a little more than two minutes. In order to get espresso, you will need only 2 minutes. Another important advantage of the automotive Handspresso coffee maker is that in contrast to the thermos you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee.

You can also use Environmentally friendly Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine to enjoy fresh coffee anywhere.

Handpresso Car Coffee Machine

Simple to operate coffee maker with friendly price

At the manufacturer's website the coffee maker Handspresso Auto costs about 150 Euros. Is this a justifiable price you will have to define for yourself, as it all will depend on how much you love and need coffee while driving in your car. Many of other helpful household devices like Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine or Portable Wireless Toaster are available at a really low price.

Handpresso Auto is incredibly simple espresso maker that does not require additional effort, espresso will ready in three beeps. Therefore let’s look at the other features of this great device. For the coffee it uses coffee tablets (pods) of the format ESE. You should also not worry about the water getting cold, after you have first poured it, as the device has a feature of the automatic water heating and also automatic pressurization. Moreover you have also the possiblity to adjust the volume of the drink by using the espresso stop button, in such a way getting a stronger drink or a little bigger volume, just the way you like it.

Car coffee machine - perfect gift for drivers

From the technical specification we can say that Handspresso Auto coffee machine has:

  • The pump pressure, of 16 Bar;
  • The water container has the volume of 53ml;
  • The total weight of the device is 880 grams;
  • The power consumption of the model is 140 watts, while it is using the 12V.

Unfortunately now the device has not that many options for customization and therefore is offered in the black color only. If you look for good present for a driver, also pay attention to CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle with UV lamp or Portable HD TV.

Great car coffee machine will also be perfect for people who travel a lot by car, or for those who work as taxi drivers or logistics drivers who need to cover long distances and sometimes need the coffee boost from time to time.

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