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Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7

Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7Robotic windows cleaners have been recently introduced to the vast public, and in the short period of time they have conquered the world. Currently the robotic windows cleaners are not an oddity in today's market of robotics. Most of them, such as, for example, Windoro, in order to remain in an upright position are using a magnet. However, a new robot for cleaning glasses called Winbot 7, shown at the recent CES, Ecovacs, for "sticking" to the glass is using suction concentric rings, therefore, according to the manufacturer, can effectively clean the glass of any thickness. 

How does the device work?

New Robotic Windows Cleaner can be really helpful household device as well as some other portable facilities: Cute and funny Mocoro Robotic Furball or Tesla Exhale Fan.

The principle of operation of Winbot 7 is simple enough. The robot is mounted on the glass window and is secured with the suction ring. After turning on by the user this compact and very nicely-looking cleaner scans the glass and calculates the most efficient way to clean it. Then the cleaning pad, which is located in front of the robot, hydrates and loosens dirt, squeegee, located behind it, washes the dirt and the second pad behind the mop wipes the glass dry. To control the operation of the device manufacturer offers a remote control, though we must say that it is not a must, as on the autonomous way the cleaner is pretty successful with its main task.           

Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7

Numerous security features of the gadget

Robot Winbot 7 was also equipped with a number of security features.

  • According to the company, if the external suction ring will detect a loss of pressure, the robot automatically stops and reverses.
  • To clean the outside of the window, there is a cushion of safety associated with the robot through a power cord that sticks to the inside of the window.
  • If Winbot 7 for any reason will unstuck off the glass, then the pad will not let it fall below a few feet away.
  • In addition, the robot is equipped with a battery backup, which ensures the efficiency of the device in case the power goes out in the central outlet.

As expected, the new robotic cleaner for windows will be available for sale for the whole world in the middle of the year at a price of 299 to 399 U.S. dollars. While currently the manufacturers are getting orders for the US market.

Multifunctional Robotic Windows Cleaners Winbot 7

To sum up let’s look one more time on the full list of the functions of this great device which includes:

  • The conventional cleaning of the windows and mirrors;
  • Refreshing of the air in the areas of the house or apartment from not pleasant smells and cigarette smoke.

Moreover, it offers an intelligent control of home appliances with remote on / off - over a network, from a smartphone, for example, lights, air conditioners, TVs and other devices. That can be quite useful when you have children in the house or bed patient, just an old man. In addition the upgraded version of Winbot 7 has and automatic audible alarm in case of danger: the smoky conditions, the penetration into the house of strangers and the like. In addition, the new version will also be equipped with the audio system, offering you to play music, as for additional price the robot has a built-in player and speaker system. You can also use Fancy Mu Space Pillow or Urchin Bluetooth Speaker to listen to the music anywhere you want.

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